AGR Authentic Jersey of the Week(end): Baron Davis on the Charlotte Hornets

Each week I will post an authentic jersey from my extensive collection of authentic NBA jerseys. In my less-frugal youth I would buy an authentic jersey based on the rarity, value, personal preference for the player, and aesthetic design of the jersey. Feel free to comment or share memories of the jersey, player, team, or era.


For week 1, I’ll start with my first-ever purchased jersey: Baron Davis on the Charlotte Hornets. Reasons purchased: first jersey, sexy colors, favorite player at the time. Baron was among my favorite players, along with David Robinson, Shaq, and Dwyane Wade. Why did I like Baron? Back in the day, the man crossed over and jammed with the best of them–at least from a highlight-reel perspective. His name is bad-ass and his swagger is downright sexy. Little known fact: before he developed the injury-prone tag, he was an NBA iron man–he played all 82 games in each of his first three seasons and started every game in the latter two of those seasons. Nowadays, I’m torn up about the guy. My childhood yearns for the Baron I always loved, but my renewed appreciation for offensive efficiency and hard work doesn’t have Baron too high on my list. Lucky us, we can take a peek at this jersey and get lost in our memories of Baron doin’ his thang as a Charlotte Hornet…back when we could romanticize his combination of strength, wheels, and hops as the making of a new breed of point guard-awesomeness.

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7 Responses to AGR Authentic Jersey of the Week(end): Baron Davis on the Charlotte Hornets

  1. toughjuicepech0 says:

    This has to be the best-ever color scheme for an NBA team. If only the Hornets would embrace their inner-purple a bit more….

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  3. Thebol says:

    How much you want for this jersey?

  4. tracy says:

    I have one size 52 I will sell for 200.00

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