AGR Authentic Jersey of the Week(end): David Robinson on the San Antonio Spurs

Alrighty world, time for AGR AJW #2: David Robinson on the San Antonio Spurs. D-Rob has been my main man ever since I read a feature article on him in Sports Illustrated for Kids. There was a picture of a reverse-jam that made my jaw drop. The Admiral was a stand-up guy with some vicious biceps. Important facts: His 93-94 season was statistically incredible (up there with the best regular season outputs of all time), his defense was otherworldly (he was arguably the best defender of his generation), he finished with an MVP and a scoring title (thanks to a certain 71 point game), and he ended his career with two championships, one of which he won during his final season (I almost cried!). I could write for hours on the guy, but this man is all about layin’ low like Snoop and Nate (I doubt D-Rob listened to Snoop and Nate, but hey, you never know). Long live The Admiral.

P.S. My favorite D-Rob moment came in an interview when the reporter asked him a question along the lines of, “What has it been like taking on a lesser role while Tim Duncan steps into his own?” D-Rob’s response: “It matters not.” What an effin’ G.

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One Response to AGR Authentic Jersey of the Week(end): David Robinson on the San Antonio Spurs

  1. toughjuicepech0 says:

    I’m loving the sheets and the TV remote in the top left corner. Good memories with that TV. It was with that TV that we saw Joey Crawford eject Duncan with a 2 technicals while on the bench. As seen right here:
    Please check out the stat tracker bar at the bottom around 2:34…You have to love those Wizards.

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