AGR Authentic Jersey of the Week(end): Gary Payton on the Seattle Supersonics

Sunday Funday! AGR AJoW keeps rollin’ like the Cavs (without Mo and Delonte!) this Sunday with an authentic Gary Payton Seattle Supersonics jersey (circa 96-97…you can even see the Golden NBA Logo commemorating the NBA’s 50th Anniversary on the left shoulder of the jersey).


This jersey attracted me for countless reasons. In addition to being a fan of the city of Seattle*, I like the brilliantly original name “Supersonics,” their color schemes (especially the older, brighter green/yellow colorways), the incessant Payton-Kemp alley-oops in NBA Hangtime for N64, and the overall swaggerlicious combination of GP and Shawn Kemp. Not only was The Glove known for his A+ trashtalking/loud mouth, he literally strutted the ball up the court and had the balls to knock out Evander Holyfield in a televised boxing match. Meanwhile, to understand Kemp’s unparalleled swag, all you need to do is watch this short video. Wow–I’m still laughing from just having watched that 10 minutes ago. Anyway, Gurry Payton was my boy in the mid-1990’s. I remember rooting for GP and The Reign Man in the 95-96 Finals versus MJ and the Chicago Bulls (they took the the best team ever to six games, at least). Gary was a lock-down defender and had the height to overpower smaller PG’s with a decent post game–at the very least he protected the ball well on the perimeter by backing players down outside the three-point line. My only knocks on Gurry are his sub-par 3pt% (career 31.7%) and FT% (72.9%). Both of those are below league average and significantly below the averages for guards, let alone MVP caliber guards. But otherwise, GP was thoroughly awesome and contributed to my overall childhood happiness. Keep talkin’ shit GP, you deserve it.

*Although I have an affinity for Seattle, I have never actually been there. I like its proxmity to the outdoors of the Pacific Northwest, I hear there is good food and a good music scene, and I also used to like the mid-1990’s Seattle Mariners (Randy Johnson, Ken Griffey Jr, Edgar Martiniez, Jay Buhner, pre-lame Alex Rodriguez and the like).

P.S. The Shawn Kemp Jersey(s) are coming to AGR AJoW.

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One Response to AGR Authentic Jersey of the Week(end): Gary Payton on the Seattle Supersonics

  1. splashtasticmrjay says:

    FINGERPOINT! makes me happy.

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