AGR Authentic Jersey of the Week(end): Damon Stoudamire on the Portland Trailblazers

The NBA All-Star weekend is over, and like many others, I feel that it could have been better. The players didn’t defend during the Rookie Challenge/All-Star game and it’s a stretch to say that Nate Robinson defended his Dunk Contest crown–mostly everything was underwhelming. What this weekend needed was a little nostalgia, and nothing brings back memories like the shortest-ever ROY: Damon Stoudamire. I liked Damon ever since he was a rookie, although I am not so sure why. His playing height and weight of 5’10” 171lbs is nearly identical to my current height and weight, but I don’t think those were my bodily dimensions as a 7-year-old in 1995, hence that delightful similarity can’t be the reason. I know I was a fan of the old purple Raptors jerseys with the Raptor on the front, I have always liked lefties, and I also like the name Damon, so maybe some combination of those reasons led me to idolize Mighty Mouse.

Anywho, Damon Stoudamire was a feisty little southpaw; he was lightning quick and had a knack for scoring and assisting. Although never known for his defense, god knows he worked at it–in the court room. Damon got into marijuana-related trouble at least three times…for all we know, Damon toked before every game (especially while on the Trail-Blazers). This makes his quickness all the more impressive. Damon was on those awesome late-90’s/early-2000’s Blazers teams–his Blazer career included a 55-point game and an NBA record 21 three-point attempts in a single game. Oh, and those happened in separate games (Damon hit only his 5 out of those 21 threes). Damon is currently an assistant coach for the Grizzlies, hopefully mentoring a similar small southpaw in Mike Conley. I miss ya Mighty Mouse, but for now we can share some memories.

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2 Responses to AGR Authentic Jersey of the Week(end): Damon Stoudamire on the Portland Trailblazers

  1. slickmilicic says:

    I miss the Jail Blazers. So much. Also, if Damon Stoudamire is an assistant coach (I thought that was a joke, but Wikipedia confirms it) then it’s official: any ex-point guard can get an NBA coaching gig. Anxiously anticipating Coach Crittenton.

  2. toughjuicepech0 says:

    Funny enough, Conley is on the block due to his shaky relationship with the Grizzlies. So maybe Damon won’t be mentoring him for much longer.

    My personal favorite story regarding Damon being a weed man: He apparently tried to sneak some onto a team flight. Unfortunately for him, he opted not to put in his suitcase being checked, but to carry it on with him in his pocket. Now that is not the smartest thing to start off, but the real gem here is how he concealed it. Just to be safe, he wrapped it in aluminum foil (so it wouldn’t be visible if the packaging was exposed, of course). Yet when he went through the metal detector…well you can guess. My source for this: a semi-autobiography/semi-NBA story book penned by Jason Williams. Yes, that is the one who murdered his limo driver. That book has some crazy stuff in it, but what else would you expect from a book by Jason Williams?

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