AGR Player of the Week: Moochie Norris

In the early part of the 2000’s, as the rest of the world was idolizing Vince, AI, and Kobe, we in DC were decorating our rooms with Moochie Norris posters. Okay, that’s not even remotely true–I just felt like typing it. But the Cardozo High graduate did manage to carve out a niche for himself in the League, reaffirming that there’s more than one way to get noticed amongst the world’s best athletes. You can have All-Star caliber talent, or you can grow an 8-inch afro and respond to “Moochie”. It probably comes down to personal preference.

Coming out of West Florida University (after stints at a JuCo and Auburn), Norris was drafted in ’96 but bounced in and out of the league before catching on with Houston in 2000. He appeared in every regular season game for the Rockets in the ’00-’01, ’01-’02, and ’02-’03 seasons, mostly providing reliable backup to Steve Francis (and only when the Franchise is your point guard can inserting the man pictured above be considered an attempt to calm things down for a bit).

His last NBA appearance was for New Orleans/OKC in April 2006, and he has since made stops in the CBA and Italian league. According to a guy from the comments section of that YouTube link, who claims to go to the same gym as Norris, Moochie is now retired for good but is fully capable of taking cats to school in gym pickup games and “lifts weights ALOT”. So there’s that. He may never achieve the internet fame of his half-brother Chuck, but we hope Norris recognizes the exclusivity of the club he’s joining with this honor. Self-expression is one of the things that truly makes the NBA great and unique, and Moochie Norris always had it in spades. We salute you.

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3 Responses to AGR Player of the Week: Moochie Norris

  1. Billy DC says:

    Moochie was the recent I was a Rockets fans during that era. Fell in love with his game since his summer league days at the Urban Coalition

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  3. Brandon says:

    I watched Moochie play a lot in JuCo at Odessa College – I guess it was around 1993. He was a great point guard at that level.

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