AGR Authentic Jersey of the Week(end): Michael Jordan on the Chicago Bulls

“Dope.” That’s what I hear time and time again from people when I don this jersey.


Granted, I have a curious habit of exclusively hanging out with idiots and smack addicts, but nonetheless, all I ever hear is “dope.” Why do people love this jersey so much? The unforgettable memories of greatness. This bad boy is a 1995-1996 Michael Jordan game-issued jersey. With me (and the imbeciles and the H-heads), it elicits a nostalgia for the greatest team coached by the greatest coach and led by the greatest player. 72-10, ’nuff said. It was also arguably Jordan’s greatest season from a statistical perspective–his Win Shares (20.4) and WS/48min (.317) were the second-highest marks of his career in those categories (he also shot a career-best 42.7% from three-point land that season, excluding his 17-game season in 1994-1995). Aesthetically speaking, I always preferred the pinstripe version to the other Bulls jerseys, but to be fair I always lean toward the abnormal (hence my tendency to pass the time with addicts in sketchy underpasses). And in speaking of things aesthetically speaking, I don’t know if any other player made the game look sexier than His Airness back in 95-96. Check-check-check it out:
Personally, I like play #6 the best, but y’all may disagree. What do you think?

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3 Responses to AGR Authentic Jersey of the Week(end): Michael Jordan on the Chicago Bulls

  1. slickmilicic says:

    that jerseys dope.

    also, though jon konack did totally bite on that fake, how could his #1 play of the season be a jumper from the free throw line? i demand a recount

  2. Anonymous says:

    Champion only made the dual-tagged (pro-cut) version of that jersey in size 46+3, not a 48. Fake.

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