Some Photos and Thoughts from attending the Heat-Hornets game on Dec 13th (starring Lil Wayne!)

Yesterday night, I was fortunate enough to attend the Heat-Hornets game in Miami. Apart from learning the nuances of Heat games (which I’ll grace you with shortly), I was able to snap a photo or two:

Fallin’ short! Why do my free throws always do that? (Hint Dwyane: your free throws lack arc.)

Wow. It’s like 30-somethin’ degrees in here. Too cold for Miami. But daaayyyuuumm those Heat dancers are fine. I may be a Hornet now, but I’ll definitely be a “Heat” next year. Hmmm, that sounds awkward, though. Maybe we’ll just change the team name to the Super-SuperFriends. I better run this by LeBron, just to be sure.

We spotted Lil Wayne from the upper-level. He was cheering hard the whole game!

Except when he’s on his iPhone! He’s probably tweeting how excited he is to make it onto the AGR blog.

Or when he’s on two of his __ (insert high number) iPhones! Maybe basketball wasn’t his first priority, after all.

For me, though, I was stoked after a solid Heat victory with some awesome highlights. Here I am thrashin’ at the balcony!

Indeed, as a basketball fan (and as a longtime Heat supporter), the game couldn’t have gone much better. LeBron’s n-n-n-nasty behind the backboard shot ignited the crowd/ team and shortly thereafter the Heat turned on the heat and blew out the helpless Hornets.

Here are some other thoughts that jumped through my head during the game:
-Heat fans don’t show up until the second half. It’s more than true. I can’t imagine paying full price to see half of an NBA game.
-Dwyane and LeBron, both get “MVP” chants. Sorry, Heat fans, but I predict neither will take home the Maurice Podoloff trophy this year.
-This team needs Mike Miller. He’s a complete player, unlike his current replacement, James Jones (who has played great this year, nonetheless).
-The Heat are looking to get out on the break and pulling back if there is nothing there. I like this.
-The PA man and the whole crowd chant “Dos” when there are two minutes left in a quarter. It’s pretty fun, don’t ask me why, though.

Lucky for me, I’m scheduled to attend Wizards-Heat on December 18th and Wizards-Bulls on December 22nd. Look out for more AGR coverage going into the holidays!

Did you watch or attend this game? Any game? Got somethin’ to say? Comment on the article or e-mail us at AGRbasketball (at) gmail (dot) com. Don’t forget to follow @AGRbasketball on Twitter and to like us on Facebook.

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