Playoff and Big Shot Bob (Rob) Tournament Update: Enter the Gnu Skewl

Dude dunked all over The Hornets…Mamba lives…kinda…

As everyone closely follows this year’s heavily contested Big Shot Bob (Rob) Playoff Tourney (hereafter BSB(R)), I wanted to fill people in on the lesser-known but equally as exciting NBA Playoffs. The story lines in the playoffs are just as good as those in BSB(R), even if they feature more obscure names. If you can remember this far back…

In the East: The Pacers and Sixers made some noise in the first round against their more talented foes. The Knicks, for all of their talent, didn’t make much noise. They were silently swept. Maybe it’s the fault of Madison Square Garden fans…The Hawks surprised people in both Rounds 1 and 2…The world is slowly forcing Dwight Howard out of Orlando after he led a hopeless Magic team through a first round loss…The Celtics finally showed their age and their lack of Kendrick Perkins in losing to Miami.

In the West: The Hornets exposed the Lakers without David West, and in the process exposed the answer to the question of who the league’s best point guard is…The defending champion Lakers proceeded to get swept by the equally as old Mavs; the world proceeded to implode…The Mavs themselves survived a dogfight against the perennially injured Blazers, whose B-Roy survived a dogfight with his own knees and psyche in a remarkable and uplifting performance…The Thunder have lived up to the hype surrounding their young talent, taking out a talented and hot Nuggets team…The Grizzlies upset the top-seeded Spurs and took the Thunder to 7, all without athletic swingman Rudy Gay.

Playoff MVPs so far in no particular order: Dwight Howard, Chris Paul, Zach Randolph, Dirk Nowitzki, LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, Kevin Durant, Derrick Rose
Fun Fact: This year’s 2011 NBA Finals will be the first Finals without Shaq, Kobe, or Duncan since the 1998 Finals featuring MJ/Pippen/Rodman’s Chicago Bulls vs. Stockton/Malone’s Utah Jazz.

And now, the current standings* in this year’s Big Shot Bob (Rob) Playoff Tournament:
Chris Nolop: 50
Gabe Klein: 46
Andrew Wise: 46
David Gold: 44
Justin Pequeño: 44
Kevin Loane: 44
Jesse Gainsburg: 44
Oliver Harris: 43
Dan Leifer: 42
David Cohen: 42
Ethan Frigon: 39
Digital Dave: 39
Izzy Gainsburg: 39
Zach Mason: 37
Daniel Miller: 34

*Picking the winner in a series is worth 5 points. Picking the correct number of games, provided the winner is picked correctly, is worth an additional 2 points.

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