WE HAVE A WINNER! The “Big Shot Bob (Rob)” Playoff Tournament 2011

She’s killin it. Wise is killin’ it. 

The 2011 NBA playoffs were particularly insane. Among the questions I was forced to contemplate were: Could Mavs and Dirk come back from a 50 point deficit? Since when did LeBron  alternate between Jordan and Andre Iguodala by the series? The Grizzlies are contenders…and they are in Memphis? Is Rondo’s arm alien or human?  Are the Lakers, Spurs, and Celtics going to form their own league for senior NBA players so they can get back to winning?

The list goes on, but this year’s playoffs were thoroughly entertaining and constantly surprising me with shocking plays and results. One those shocking results was the fact that in the AGR BSB(R) Tourney, only 1 of 15 participants picked the Mavericks as conference champions (no one picked them as Finals champs). Only 3 of the 15 participanrs picked the Heat as conference champs. A rough year for the most brilliant basketball minds and souls (that I know).

Once again, I did not win this year’s AGR’s annual “Big Shot Bob (Rob)” Playoff Tournament. I expected to crush the competition, but in fact, only one AGR host (my good for nothing brother) found himself in the top 3. While Jesse, aka toughjuicepech0, finished with a cool 49, it was a two-horse race between my two (former 😦 ) roommates, Chris Nolop (finished 2nd with 50 points) and Andrew Wise (finished 1st with 51 points). The final standings are below, but congratulations to Bulls fan and predictor extraordinaire, Mr. Andrew Wise! The writing space of Alone in the Green Room awaits your literary genius.

Andrew Wise: 51
Chris Nolop: 50
Jesse Gainsburg: 49
Gabe Klein: 46
Izzy Gainsburg: 45
David Gold: 44
Justin Pequeño: 44
Kevin Loane: 44
Oliver Harris: 43
Dan Leifer: 42
Zach Mason: 42
David Cohen: 42
Ethan Frigon: 39
Digital Dave: 39
Daniel Miller: 34

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2 Responses to WE HAVE A WINNER! The “Big Shot Bob (Rob)” Playoff Tournament 2011

  1. toughjuicepech0 says:

    I must say that I resent the way I was portrayed in this article. “[G]ood for nothing” is a terrible way to describe the man who is
    A) Your ideal two-on-two pick-up teammate
    B) One of the few who is willing to read the “garbage” that is your writing. (Hey, if you get a cheap shot at me, I get one back.)
    C) Someone who has entry into your room while you sleep. Better sleep with a gun under that pillow tonight, big bro.
    And what is this about a “two horse race?” I see the top 3 separated by 1 point each. Following that is the first multiple-point drop. And not just 2 points of separation, but 3. This looks more like a three-headed dragon of awesomeness than a two-horse race if you ask me. You should be glad I was willing to read the works of a man who only scored a paltry 45 (OK, maybe that was a 2nd cheap shot).


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