AGR Authentic Jersey of the Week(end): Grant Hill on the Detroit Pistons

After buckling down on my recent John Wall post, I figured it was time to get serious and reinstate the internationally famed AGR Authentic Jersey of the Week(end). Say hello to Grant Hill on the Detroit Pistons from the 1996-97 season. Like the last jersey featured on AGR (Bryant Reeves on the Vancouver Grizzlies), this jersey is also a brilliant blue-green with an ink-injected animal logo—in this case a flaming black stallion that is somehow supposed to represent a Piston. Never mind symbolic misunderstandings or inconsistencies. From an aesthetic/representative-of-the-90’s point of view, this jersey is pure gold. Almost as gold as the NBA logo embroidered on the right shoulder indicating it’s from the NBA’s 50th anniversary season in 1996-1997.

Like Grant himself, this jersey is an all-around machine. As if the ink-injection-stitching combo, 50th anni-patch, and epic animal logo weren’t enough, the jersey throws in the timeless color combination of Teal, Burgundy, and Piss-Gold. It’s like the Pistons management had a time machine and realized that this jersey style would redefine the franchise and cement itself among the NBA’s greatest threads. Oh wait, my man History is on the other line. What’s that you say, History? You’re telling me this jersey was responsible for a name, “The Teal Era?” And that this era featured more Detroit suicides than any other of Detroit’s numerous depressing eras?  And that after only 5 seasons the team reverted to its original Red, White, and Blue colors? Shocker.

To pick up your inevitably shattered spirits:

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    The “flaming black stallion” represents horsepower…pistons.

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