Small Names, Big Play: The New Best Moment Of Terrence Williams’ Life (And Our Lives, Too)

In last night’s NBA preseason game between the Spurs and the Rockets, a special moment took place, one which will likely go unnoticed by most basketball fans. The Rockets’ rookie Marcus Morris dumped a three-quarters-court bounce-pass to Terrence Williams, who proceeded to throw down a ferocious “reverse-cradle-windmill-double-clutch-and-one dunk” over the Spurs’ Danny Green. This should be required viewing for all people, including non-basketball fans.

Why? This is the type of dunk that, if a struggling couple were to watch it, could revitalize their marriage. This dunk provides that elusive high for hopeless drug addicts. Show this video in a hospital, and it could be a cancer-curing miracle. This slam could bring sustenance to a starving nation and provide shelter to the homeless. I wouldn’t be surprised if terrorism were a thing of the past should this video find its way into the hands of the right (read: wrong) people. If Gaia herself could lay her eyes on this, I’d write off global warming and buy a Hummer.

In all seriousness, this probably isn’t the best moment of Terrence’s life, because I’m not here to belittle college graduations and winning basketball. And in all likelihood, those social problems wouldn’t be cured by the world’s population giving this video a view or two. But, as they say, three’s a charm.

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