…And We’re Back!


After a lengthy hiatus (last post was September 8th, 2012! Yeesh…), the AGR team is back. Although there are no excuses (after all, what would the dude pictured above say?), there were some noteworthy interruptions in the AGR team’s normal schedule.

Jesse (toughjuicepech0) started his freshman year of college at Northwestern. In fact, that was such an adjustment that he opted not to play fantasy basketball this year either. Instead of doing fantasy hoops or blogging, he’s actually playing on Northwestern’s club basketball team. Even better, teammates recently dubbed him the “White John Wall,” probably due to a combination of factors–he recently slammed home his first dunk, he has a penchant for going left, and apparently has been killing it with 1 vs. 3 fast breaks.

David (slickmilicic) did the unthinkable in today’s world–he got a friggin’ job, and a good one too. And because it deals with political polling, he was overloaded with work because of some election that happened back in November. He’s also dealt with three very recent pet deaths–one hamster and two chinchillas. May our thoughts be with David, Hank (the hamster), and the nameless chinchillas that passed away.

Me? I’ve been applying to graduate schools…thirteen to be exact. And because each of them requires a lot of time writing and on the computer, it kind of zapped my AGR-energies. But again, that’s just because I was being all Andray Blatche instead of channeling my inner MJ.

So, yeah, we’re back like MJ wearing 45 in ’94-’95 (is that why he chose that number? Or was it because 45= 2 x 23 – 1?)

Finally, I’ll mention we might be adding some members to the AGR team.

  • Zach Mason, possessor of one the world’s top 73 spin-moves ever witnessed, will be one the AGR rookies. His spin-move even has its own name, “The Jelly Roll,” thanks to our high school basketball coach. Zach’s a beast in hoops and in “real life” having just been accepted into Georgetown Law. Don’t expect to win any hoops arguments with him in the near future (unless you’re me. I’ll have a fighting chance).
  • Oliver Harris, not a possessor of one the world’s top 73 spin-moves ever witnessed, will also be joining the AGR ranks. Ollie will assume the position of “stat guru,” but he is so much more than that. In addition to his incredible work as fantasy basketball commissioner, he brings a unique understanding of hoops to the table aided by his experience in engineering, energy efficiency, and transportation systems/modeling.
  • Daniel Miller is AGR’s youngest addition and was the first overall pick in the 2012 Basketball Blog Draft. What, you didn’t know that existed? Shame on you. Daniel is currently a freshman at University of Pennsylvania where he balls out on their JV team. While he often goes by “Deez” on the court, don’t be mistaken. He will not be jamming it home on you a la Iggy Hop and rubbing “Deeez Nuuuuts” in yo’ face. Expect to see expert analysis from Daniel on the rejuvenated New York Knicks.

So yeah, we’re back for the 2012-13 season, and hopefully much longer than that. But for the moment, in the words of Kobe Bryant and Bill Simmons, Mamba Out.

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