R.I.P. Charlotte Hornets Double-Hooded Hoodie


On December 17th, 2012, I learned with 99.99% certainty that my coolest and favorite piece of clothing will never again be with me: the Charlotte Hornets Double-hooded  Hoodie. It was so goddamn cool I almost wanted to call it “swag,” but I never did because the word “swag” should limited to describing a markedly confident gait. (I’m not a linguistic prescripivist, generally, but I liked the word “swagger” until shitty music and the masses hijacked it. Now it has taken on a meaning that I don’t relate to as much…I’m much more into funky struts than new clothes). But anyway, back to clothes…

What’s so special about this hoodie? For starters, it has important advantages from a comfort and warmth perspective. Its waist-end and sleeve-ends snuggly fit the body in a flamboyant, body/heart-warming effort. The inside is softer than Lamar Odom’s neonatal bald-head. Yes, you just read that.

Its comfort features bleed into its stylistic features. Most notably, it has TWO hoods. Not only is that remarkably badass, but for the hat-averse individual, it is crucial for flexible head temperature regulation.

This hoodie isn’t a one-trick pony, however. Its bright colors show in subtle ways. “Afro-centric beads,” to quote a White friend of mine, rattle as they swing back and forth to let the world know you’re coming. And just like the best of jerseys, it is complete with tackle-twill lettering.

I know it is just a sweatshirt, but I’ll never have another like it. So to you, Charlotte Hornets Double-hooded Hoodie, I say: until next time, if there ever is one. R.I.P.

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3 Responses to R.I.P. Charlotte Hornets Double-Hooded Hoodie

  1. chtis says:

    Dude I’ve got a double charlottes hornets hooded hoodie in good condition from 1990. I thought it was top when I was at school.its the one with the purple and turquoise pockets with the honets logo made by starter the real deal.
    Are u intereste

  2. chris says:

    Drop me an email izzy if your interested in the hoodie at tia.barlow@sky.com

  3. Brodie says:

    I just got one off eBay… But not the hornets script just with a logo still dope gear

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