AGR Authentic Jersey of the Week(end): Alonzo Mourning on the Miami Heat

The above Alonzo Mourning jersey is the perfect piece to reintroduce AGR’s Authentic Jersey of the Week(end). The Zo jersey represents the revived rivalry between the Knicks and the Heat. Moreover, the Heat have taken a lazier approach to the 2012-13 season with lackluster defense and rebounding and I’m 1000% certain Zo would’ve been having none of it.

You see, Alonzo Mourning was the type of guy to average 12 blocks a game as a high school senior. The type of guy lead the nation in blocks as a Georgetown freshman. The type of guy to win two DPOYs despite playing undersized among contemporary giants such as Hakeem, D-Rob, Ewing, Mutombo, Shaq, Smits, and Sabonis. The type of guy to return from a kidney transplant, in his older years, and play high quality basketball.

So what would Zo do now if he could be in the huddle with the Heat? Probably put on a jersey, distract Joel Anthony and Chris Bosh with an errant kidney, and assume the position of starting center in a mission to show Tyson Chandler what a real DPOY looks like. Boom.

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