AGR Authentic Jersey of the Week(end): “Lester” Freeman on the Milwaukee Bucks


In life, certain goals keep us going. Sometimes these goals are unattainable, and yet we’ll obsess over them to the detriment of other important goals. Maybe it’s a crush on the girl at the coffee shop. Each of your thoughts revolve around her, each action dictated by hers. Before you know it, you you’ve eaten a block of cheese, sniffed too much paint, and ignored everything around you that should matter. Everybody has their white whale. Mine was a giant green-and-purple buck.

Above, we have an authentic (preseason) game-worn Milwaukee “Big Buck” Bucks jersey. The player whose jersey it was? Freeman. He never played an regular-season NBA game, and rumor has it he doesn’t have a first name (if you don’t know why I “named” him Lester, you need to reevaluate your priorities). But, names seem rather trivial when you are dealing with humankind’s finest fashion accomplishment since the goddamned toga.

For years, I salivated over pictures of this jersey, typically a Ray Allen or Glenn Robinson outfit. It was always the most rare and expensive jersey on the internet, and its mystique captivated me. You wouldn’t believe the weird-ass shit I encountered during my years scouring the web for this jersey. Suffice to say, “giant purple buck” can return some strange Google results.

Despite my manic efforts and ignored homework assignments, I managed to graduate high school. Somewhere in the universe, a divine purple-and-green buck was watching over me. He manifested himself as my brother and co-blogger, Jesse Gainsburg, who rewarded my efforts by getting me an authentic “Big Buck” jersey as a graduation gift.

For better or worse, I’ll never be the same.

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