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Should tired stars rest or play for their fans? An alternative, team-focused solution

This Sunday during the Heat-Magic game, announcers Jeff Van Gundy and Mike Breen took opposing views on whether fatigued and nicked-up stars should conserve themselves for the playoffs or whether they should take the floor for the sake of toughness, … Continue reading

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AGR Authentic Jersey of the Week(end): Dennis Rodman on the Chicago Bulls

I never know where to begin when discussing Dennis Rodman because he has given writers across the globe a lifetime’s worth of material. Let’s start off with the basics. The jersey pictured above was a limited edition NBA Finals authentic … Continue reading

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Who’s That Down in the Schoolyard? The Best Video Ever featuring Paul Simon, Spud Webb, Big Daddy Kane, and More!

This post is about a video that is so special, I can barely stand to write more words before embedding it. You can read my thoughts after stepping into the Internet’s finest time machine.

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Is James Harden Headed for Greatness?

With all due respect to Kyle Lowry, Ryan Anderson, and the rest of this season’s pleasant surprises, history suggests that one player’s 2011-2012 breakout will lead to far greater accomplishments. James Harden is averaging career highs of 16.6 points, 4.2 … Continue reading

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Dirk Nowitzki Shouldn’t Be An All-Star and Why That’s Exciting

The NBA blogosphere entered All-Star mode after the 2011-12 starters were announced last week. Analysts dissected the fan vote, but the real analysis surrounds the reserves and snubs, both of which we will find out today. A fan vote and … Continue reading

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Blake Griffin, The Dunk of Death, .4, and The Last Shot: Exercises in Repression to Maintain a Mythology

On Monday, Blake Griffin shook our reality when he posterized Kendrick Perkins with a dehumanizing dunk. For the rest of the night, Twitter centered on Blake’s dunk instead of the mundane “Player X’s pick-and-roll defense” or “Player Y’s shot selection.” … Continue reading

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