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How well does LeBron James know the Cavaliers? A pace-comparison and evidence of LeBron James’ mere mortality

After the Cavaliers stomped the Celtics in a 108-88 victory on Thursday night, LeBron was asked about Shaq’s sprained thumb. He had this to say: Advertisements

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This ain’t fair: Thoughts on blocking fouls, charges, and no-calls.

I have not consulted any referees or rulebooks before making this post, and maybe I should have, but I am spontaneously posting now out of frustration and have thus not decided to do extensive outside research.

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AGR Authentic Jersey of the Week(end): Damon Stoudamire on the Portland Trailblazers

The NBA All-Star weekend is over, and like many others, I feel that it could have been better. The players didn’t defend during the Rookie Challenge/All-Star game and it’s a stretch to say that Nate Robinson defended his Dunk Contest … Continue reading

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Who Should Be Playing Tonight: The NBA All-Star Game

When the All-Star lineups were announced a couple weeks back, I found I had surprisingly little to complain about. I had no beef with Iverson starting because a) He’s one of the most exciting athletes of his generation and b) … Continue reading

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Reactions to Wizards-Mavericks Trade

Although the NBA All-Star weekend has left much to be desired (Monta Ellis’ absence from HORSE, excitement’s absence from the Dunk Contest, DeJaun Blair’s absence from the Rookie Challenge MVP award, Boobie and Anthony Morrow’s absences from the 3pt contest, … Continue reading

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An Insurmountable Challenge: Notes on the infamous Rookie Challenge

We’ll be posting All-Star related musings over the weekend, but the first topic to tackle, since it’s the first big competition of the weekend, is tonight’s Rookie Challenge. The game is sometimes mistakenly referred to as the Rookie-Sophomore Challenge, but … Continue reading

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Most Underrated Individual Skills among NBA Players

When analyzing the NBA (particularly when analyzing statistics), most fans and media members focus on the best scorers, rebounders, passers, shot-blockers, etc. But without watching the games, we fans are often deprived of how players score, rebound, pass, etc. … Continue reading

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