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Where does Chris Paul rank in the 2012-13 MVP Race?

You know it’s the a sign of the apocalypse when a Google Image search for “Chris Paul MVP” only brings up images and wallpapers from his days as a Hornet. Or how, in ESPN’s 5-on-5 discussing the season’s first quarter, the question … Continue reading

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R.I.P. Charlotte Hornets Double-Hooded Hoodie

On December 17th, 2012, I learned with 99.99% certainty that my coolest and favorite piece of clothing will never again be with me: the Charlotte Hornets Double-hooded  Hoodie. It was so goddamn cool I almost wanted to call it “swag,” but I … Continue reading

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…And We’re Back!

After a lengthy hiatus (last post was September 8th, 2012! Yeesh…), the AGR team is back. Although there are no excuses (after all, what would the dude pictured above say?), there were some noteworthy interruptions in the AGR team’s normal … Continue reading

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