Izzy Gainsburg:  As a basketball player, I bring Kevin Love’s style to the point guard position. As a fan, I have paradoxical affinities for ruthlessly diligent efficiency and dangerously saucy parlay (e.g., Kevin Martin vs. J.R. Smith). And as a basketball-thinker, I try to advance our understanding of the game by challenging our fundamental ideas and narratives with psychology and statistics.

David Gold: I first became interested in blogging and basketball statistics when I found out that women find these hobbies irresistible. Though born and bred in Washington, D.C., my favorite team of all time is the 1999-2000 Miami Heat. I currently reside in New York, and my primary interests outside of basketball are pro soccer, documentaries, and Steve Francis.

Jesse Gainsburg: I’m a basketball junkie at heart. I pretend to have other interests, but I associate them with basketball as much as possible, which is why I can play the NBA on NBC theme on the ocarina. I also like stats, and have calculated that 77% of the clothes in my wardrobe either celebrate or are used for–you guessed it–basketball. The only thing I love more than basketball or the NBA? Swaggy P. My first name might be Jesse, but I go by Young Nick as often as is socially acceptable.


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